My love of Body Pump started with a conversation with my dear friend Mary. One day I asked her how she got her fabulously toned arms, and she exclaimed, “Body Pump!” From that day on I started taking her class. She always smiles when she’s teaching, and has amazing energy. I asked her to be a part of my project and share her story.

(Mary Lai is a certified instructor of Body Pump, Zumba, Sh’Bam, Body Vive, and Body Combat. She is also a nationally certified personal trainer.)


How long have you been a Body Pump instructor?

It’ll be 10 years come this January!

How  did you become a Body Pump instructor?

Well I was about to turn 40.  At first I was dreading it, but then I decided that instead of feeling negative I should mark this milestone with a new challenge.  At that time I had been taking Body Pump classes for about a year and was hooked on how empowering it made me feel, both physically and mentally. So I took the plunge and signed up for the certification training, and the rest is history.

What did you do before becoming a Body Pump instructor?

I worked in the IT field for many years.  My days used to revolve around sitting in my office and in meeting rooms all day, but now they’re filled with action and high spirits and fun!  My journey into the fitness industry has led me to all sorts of certifications, and I get to share my fitness expertise every day with others so that I can be a positive impact in their fitness journeys.

m2Love your big smile, how do you keep your good energy up all day?

I try to take care of myself by leading a healthy lifestyle.  And I always give my clients and my classes my all.  I know that sometimes it’s the only time in their busy day that’s devoted just for themselves, so I want to give them all my effort.

You had breast cancer a couple of years ago. What one advice do you want to give to women?

Take care of yourself.  It doesn’t guarantee that unexpected health issues won’t happen, but you’ll be able to bounce back much more easily if it does.  Because I was in good physical shape, I was able to recover from the surgeries and chemo treatments relatively quickly.  I am grateful for my good health every day!