Tracy is my best friend. We met two years ago. We feel like we should have met earlier. We have the same taste about clothes. When we go to the store we pick the same clothes at the same time! It’s a lot of fun to go shopping with her. She has a great personality and we can talk the whole day and never get bored.



She just had a baby girl this year and life is different now that she has two kids. She is a perfectionist so her career and her family are a source of pressure. I saw the tiredness on her face, but with happiness as the same time. I had a photo session with her baby girl a couple of times. Her boy and girl are always the center of her life..


I wanted to give her a photo session to pamper herself, but she told me, “NO,NO, NO!   I can’t take pictures like this! I need  to lose  more weight!  I don’t have clothes that fit!   I look tired!”
She had lots of excuses. but finally I dragged her before my camera.  It was  a quick shoot, because she didn’t have too much time. I chose the dress from her wardrobe and we matched it with jewelry.  We had so much fun and we were laughing.   It was  like playing dress up. When I showed the pictures from my camera screen to her, she was shocked.  She couldn’t believe she could be this beautiful!!! After the shoot, she was still in an excited mood and  she loved to look at all the pictures that I took. She IS beautiful both inside and out, and she needed to rediscover that fact. She needed to give herself a break, and pamper herself with the beautiful pictures that she deserved.


I love you my dear friend!