Alex is my photographer friend. She specializes in Portraiture and Fine Art photography.I like her work, so I asked her if she would be part of my Photography Project. Happily, she said yes.I really wanted to capture who is she as a photographer, her love of landscape,and her free spirit.


What did you do before become a photographer?

Before becoming a photographer I worked as a scientific and literature editor.

Do you think there is a connection between two of them ?

Not really. They are very different professions.



What is your favorite subject and why?

I love to photograph a variety of subjects…but landscape and portraiture are my favorite ones. Portraiture can be very challenging but also very rewarding. Often you only have few minutes to “capture” the essence of a person, and that can be very challenging, but when you do, the feeling is very special.
Landscape photography allows me to be on my own, to take my time, to explore without any pressure…it is a wonderful feeling.
To me a photograph is the culmination and the reflection of our past and present life experiences. The camera is just the tool to bring that personal sensitivity “to life”.






Most of your work is black and white photography , do you see your subject in black and white before you press the button?

Yes I do. I often look at a scene or a face and I can already see it in BW although I shoot in color. When I was a child our television was in BW; maybe that is why I love monochromatic images so much.

How’s life in Italy different from that of PA?

Life in Italy is very different than here. Too different and too complicated to describe in few words.
I was raised in Milan, which is one of the biggest cities in Italy, so that is already a big change from the quaint life in Kennett Square.
Italy is where I was born and raised and therefore it will always be in my heart, but I am so grateful I live here now. What I miss the most about Italy are my family, my childhood friends and the food.